About Xibalbá

What is Xibalbá?

Ancient beliefs and prehispanic traditions point that the universe was divided into three levels, the celestial vault, the Earth, and Xibalbá, as they named the underworld


What does the other world have?

Xibalbá is the main gate to an unknown underground world in Yucatan, Mexico, that is waiting to be discovered through a circuit of several cenotes featuring impressive scenarios.

What to expect?

A hidden natural reserve into the depths of the Earth, surrounded by the mystery and charm of nature. There will be several activities that encourage you to explore the history and culture of this Mexican state, plus taking sight of its treasures from another point of view. Get into an underground circuit full of magnificent natural scenarios at 59 ft (18 m) deep and astounding cenotes, everything in a different environment that you use to be in


Where do we come from?

Discover Xibalbá and enjoy something different. Take your past experiences and turn them into motivation to get into the mystery and charm of nature. Connect with the world and yourself at scenarios where life flourishes to show you the magic of the past, and the nowadays splendor, between landscapes, fill with caves, grottos, cenotes, and much more yet to find.

What will remain of us?

After spending a day here, you will get renewed profoundly. It is an unforgettable experience that only Grupo Xcaret can provide.

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