Environmental management at Xibalbá

Xibalbá is an exclusive natural reserve by Grupo Xcaret featuring astounding scenarios amid the Yucatan jungle that invite visitors to discover something never seen before.

By creating a tourist project and according to the Sustainable Development of Grupo Xcaret, we worked on an integral plan to give social, environmental, and economic value to a previously impacted area.

For this reason, Xibalbá Reserve will create a comprehensive environmental management plan that includes those practices well-known at our company. Some of these efforts include the treatment of sewage waters, correct handling of solid waste, and optimization of energetic usage.

Conservación en Reserva Xibalbá.

Conservation measures

The area had an evaluation to identify the surfaces which have more viability to recover its environmental qualities through a silvestrian program. These efforts look to have, in the long term, a healthy ecosystem featuring a typical nutritious chain of the region’s canopy layer jungle.

Also, a relevant number of acres will be used as an untouched conservation area of secondary vegetation. There will be a nursery divided into three sections: indigenous ornament plants, native medicinal plants, and indigenous plants of forest value.

Desarrollo de comercio dentro de la comunidad en Xibalbá.

Social contribution

There is a commitment to creating dignified jobs that include constant learning to grow and integral health programs, among others. Plus, we will start community development programs in nearby villages after having the proper studies to set the areas where we can help improve their lives and wealth.

Conservación en Reserva Xibalbá.

Economic development

Xibalbá Reserve as a tourist product, it will have economic growth to generate a positive impact in nearby communities. It will generate indirect jobs, purchases to local providers, and adding the possibility to have a night stay in Valladolid, which is within the visitors' circuit and those who came to discover the Yucatan Peninsula.

Grupo Xcaret, 10 years in Yucatan

Grupo Xcaret started operations with a tour to Chichén Itzá and Valladolid in April 2010. After 10 years of being present in Yucatan, we have contributed to creating direct and indirect jobs, looking for local growth, commerce, and the improvement of their life's quality. More than ever, we value the relevance of keep growing together while having respect for the natural and cultural treasures of our country.